Software Developer

About me

About me

Software Developer since 2017. I developed different projects from websites, and games to apps. Over the years I have learned HTML, PHP, Java, Python, and C#. I am currently studying Media Communication and Computer Science, B.Sc.


Unreal Engine

Space is a kind of visualized simulation of our solar system. It is not accurate but it shows any orbits and information of any objects, whether planets, moons or satellites.

Tag der Ausbildung | Berufskolleg Geldern


Tag der Ausbildung is an event of the Berufskolleg Geldern, where numerous companies present themselves to the students. At the request of the school, for someone who can program the Tag der Ausbildung website, I came forward with a team. I programmed the whole layout and backend of the website.

Factory Simulation

Arduino / C

As an extracurricular project I programmed a factory simulation of Fischertechnik with microcontrollers in my Abitur.


Unreal Engine

SolarSystem is the successor of "Space" and is a significant improvement after 3 years of its predecessor. SolarSystem includes more accurate mission information and possible 3D models of missions, such as a 3D model of the landing position or simply the object itself. The program can be downloaded from the following link: SolarSystem.



SeismicEvents is a website that displays seismic events. Seismic events that happened a few minutes ago are also recorded. SeismicEvents uses data from and is available at the following link

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